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Hey guys. This article is about the best ways to jailbreak iOS 7.x on all devices. This includes iOS 7, 7.0.1, 7.0.2… 7.0.6 and up to the recently released iOS 7.1.

I am not new to jailbreaking. I have jailbroken a lot of iPhone models in the past few months and much of this has been down to the increased awareness of how good a jailbroken Apple iPhone actually is. Many people have asked me about the benefits of jailbreaking and why it really does improve an already great device. I’ve used jailbreaking for all the iOS’s that have been released and I thought I would let you guys know my thoughts.

Jailbreaking Actually Works

If you go online then you will see a lot of misconceptions about jailbreaking however for iOS 7.1 and all the operating systems before it, a jailbreak exists. You can jailbreak iOS 7 and allow yourself to have a much better and more functional iPhone. The reason why many people have been denying that a jailbreak exists for the iPhone 4 and 5 is that Apple makes a big deal about fixing security issues however that doesn’t mean that jailbreaking won’t work.

Jailbreaking Explained

Basically jailbreaking allows you to access many more features on your Apple iPhone. This ranges from being able to use the Cydia App Store which has thousands of alternative and better apps than the Apple App Store and it also improves things like battery life and overall functionality as well. If you have heard of Android rooting and how easy it is for Android users to do this then jailbreaking is the iPhone equivalent. It makes your iPhone more powerful, more functional and it looks better with the new software too.

Best Ways To Jailbreak iOS 7 for iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s/5c Models

As I said, I have a lot of experience in jailbreaking iPhone’s so I know exactly what the best services are. The jailbreakers I have listed have all been used by myself personally and are chosen because they are a cut above the rest.

Something that I do have to mention is that under no circumstances should you try and jailbreak an iPhone on your own. I speak from personal experience here as I thought that I would be smart and do the process myself. Big mistake.

I actually bricked my iPhone so it was virtually useless and that was an end to my ‘hacking’ days. I lost my apps, my contacts, messages, history and my iPhone was not functional in the slightest. Indeed, it was a total disaster.

Don’t try and jailbreak yourself rather use one of these services that I recommend because, not only are they experts in what they do, they also have great customer service and support to let you know what is happening every step of the way.


1.    iJailbreak Pro – my top pick for jailbreaking iOS 7.0.x & iOS 7.1 with fantastic customer service

I really have no bad words to say about iJailbreak Pro since I started using them a few months ago. Indeed, they have constantly impressed me with jailbreaking iPhone’s and their customer service as a whole.

They are one of the only sites I know that actually advertise their service to jailbreak an iPhone as many don’t have the same faith in their own skills. As far as speed goes they are the fastest on the market and it has never taken any longer than 10 minutes for me to have my iPhone jailbroken. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee and don’t pursue you to find out why you want a refund.

Also included in the jailbreak price is an unlocking service. I must admit that I never even thought of unlocking my iPhone before however with these guys I had this included as standard and now I can connect to any network if I have the relevant SIM card.

Finally their customer support is second to none. When I first used them I was a bit wary after trying to jailbreak my iPhone myself however they described and explained every step that is required in the process and I felt really safe using iJailbreak Pro. You can tell that the owners actually care about their customers and aren’t just in business for a quick buck.

You can find iJailbreak Pro here and for overall satisfaction with their service and their customer support they receive a solid 10/10 from me.

2.    Apple Unlocker – offers a working jailbreak service but no useful extras

Before I discovered iJailbreak Pro I was using Apple Unlocker on a fairly regular basis. One thing that really works in their favor is that they have a working jailbreak that actually is effective on the iPhone 4 and 5 models.

It does take longer than iJailbreak Pro and usually you need to wait about half an hour or so before it works and they don’t offer many of the extras that other services do. Their customer support can be hit and miss on occasions as well. Sometimes they reply to you within the hour and other times you can wait over a day and for a jailbreaking service that isn’t good enough.

Aside from that they are well priced and will unlock your iPhone however not as efficiently as iJailbreak Pro.

You can find more information about them here and I give them 7/10 for providing a working jailbreak method.

3.    iJailbreak Tool – below average customer support and poor instructions.

Why am I recommending iJailbreak Tool if they offer poor customer support and instructions that are not clear in English? Well they do provide a jailbreak service that works (I have used it personally) but it is the other aspects of their business that lets them down when compared to iJailbreak Pro.

Their customer support is poor and the only way that I could find to contact them was via a phone number that is listed in India. If you don’t fancy paying international call rates to speak to people with poor English then I wouldn’t recommended getting in contact with them and the instructions that explained the jailbreaking process weren’t very clear either.

Also, it takes the best part of an hour for these guys to jailbreak an iPhone which is much longer than the likes of iJailbreak Pro.

They get a 5/10. Use them as a last resort if the other two aren’t working but don’t expect a high quality service. You can find them here.



Hopefully that guide has given you a good idea of how to jailbreak your iPhone with iOS 7.

I would recommend iJailbreak Pro before any other service due to their high quality customer support and little extras that they add on for you.

The other two services work but are let down by various issues.

Good luck with jailbreaking your iPhone and I hope you can experience all the great features a jailbroken iPhone offers!


Has iOS 7 Really Killed Off Jailbreaking?


Contrary to some people’s beliefs, iOS 7 most definitely has not killed off jailbreaking. Why else would the jailbreakers be putting in all the hours they can spare if they didn’t think there was a point to it?

Why do some people believe this?

iOS 7 is a completely new firmware, totally torn apart and rebuilt by Jony Ive and his team.  Despite the fact that Apple makes no secret of their contempt for the jailbreak process, many of their new features are based on highly popular jailbreak tweaks and apps, leading some to concur that there is now no longer any reason to jailbreak their iOS device.

So, is there a reason?

Absolutely, Most definitely, If you missed that the first and second times, that is a resounding yes. Here’s why:

  • While Apple may have based some of their new features on jailbreak tweaks, none of them offer the same level of functionality as the original version
  • The Apple store may be the largest mobile app store, containing more than 75,000 apps but Cydia, the jailbreak app store, also contains hundreds of thousands of apps, tweaks, mods and themes.
  • Apple doesn’t allow you to customize your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You can only use their wallpapers or their ringtones. You can only work within their ring fence. Jailbreaking blasts that ring fence clean out of the way, leaving you free to do what you want with a device you have paid out good money for.

Which apps did Apple steal?

Over the years, Apple has gradually incorporated a lot of jailbreak ideas into iOS, despite being publicly against it. This time around they were a bit more blatant, making use of the following tweaks, amongst others:

  • Auxo – One of the most widely used multitasking tweaks ever released
  • SBSettings/NCSettings -  The original control center tweaks, used by virtually everyone in the jailbreak community
  • Deepend - That sickening new Parallax feature
  • UnlockFX -  The one tweak that everyone wanted to give their lock screen a real purpose in life
  • CallBlocker - Replaced by the inclusion of a call blocking feature in the new firmware.

Is Jailbreaking still necessary?

Of course it is. iOS 7 gives developers a new reason to build new apps and tweaks for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch. It gives them more functions to play around with and more ways to upset Apple. In addition, there are still things that can only be done through jailbreaking, things that Apple still do not allow and maybe never will.

Such as?

iOS 7 may be a radical new firmware, something that users have been wanting for a few years, but it still has those famous Apple limitations on it. It is still controlled by the California-based company and the only way to break free of those chains is to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod or iPad.


iphone jailbreak legit

Jailbreaking opens up a whole new world of possibilities on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  Most of what you can with a jailbroken device still remains an impossibility with one that hasn’t been jailbroken, simply because the powers that be, Apple, won’t allow it.

If you really want to go ahead and carry out a jailbreak, make sure you don’t make these 5 common mistakes:

Update your iPad, iPod or iPhone

So many people go to all the trouble of jailbreaking their iOS device and then promptly update to the latest firmware.  It really doesn’t matter which jailbreak software you have used, it doesn’t matter if it is a tethered or an untethered jailbreak. Updating it will wipe out that jailbreak.

Tip:  Always check that the update is supported by a corresponding jailbreak BEFORE you go ahead

Paying too much for your software

There really isn’t any need.  The most reputable development teams will always provide that jailbreak at a reasonable price and will provide full support and help as well. If it seems to be too expensive, check out what is offered first.  Some provide a premium service that is well worth the cost.  Conversely, free software should also be avoided as it is likely to be nothing but trouble.

Tip:  Check out jailbreak sites with other people in the community, to make sure they are genuine first.

Using Unreliable and unknown sources for the jailbreak software

Again, this is another common mistake – you trawl the internet looking for the right jailbreak and come across hundreds of sites that offer the same service. Unfortunately, most of these will be fraudulent and will do nothing more than cost you money or download viruses onto your computer or iOS device.

Tip: If popup ads keep on appearing, or there are a lot of other ads on the site, or even rather large download buttons, there is a good chance that you are on a fake site – shut it down and move on

Not Reading the Download Instructions Properly

As soon as you find a reputable source for your jailbreak software, go ahead and download it. However, make sure you read the guide that comes with it – it’s not written for fun, it’s written to make sure nothing goes wrong with your iPhone, iPod or iPad when you install it.

Tip: If there isn’t a guide, it isn’t a genuine jailbreak download site. If there is one, read it – all of it, twice if necessary.

Downloading Incorrect Jailbreak Software

Not all jailbreak software suits all models of the iPhone, iPod or iPad. Not all software is compatible with your iOS firmware.  Downloading the wrong one will cause problems, possibly irreversible or expensive ones.

Tip:  Always read the download site thoroughly and know exactly what iOS version you are running. If you are in any doubt, contact the developers first and make sure the jailbreak software is compatible with your device and system.

The process of building a jailbreak software utility is a long and drawn out one. It involves months of hard work, as explained here by Planetbeing, otherwise known as David Wang, hacker extraordinaire.

Mistakes on your behalf can be costly, in cash, in the possible loss of your iPhone, iPad or iPod and in the time you have already spent trying to jailbreak.

Don’t make the above mistakes; follow the guidelines, download the safest software and enjoy the fruits of the developer’s labours.



More than 10% of all iOS devices are currently jailbroken and that number rises every time a new jailbreak is released.  That may not sound like a lot but when you consider that there are around 4-500 million active devices then the figures start to look better.

Do an internet search and you will hundreds of myths about jailbreaking, and the effect it has on your iPhone, or iPad. We are going to look at the top 10 jailbreak myths and determine if they are busted or confirmed:

  1. Jailbreaking will run your battery down fast

BUSTED – With an iPhone or iPad running on normal iOS firmware, the amount of apps and features you have running at any one time is what has the effect on your batter life. Jailbreaking is no different.

All jailbreaking does is breaks give you root access to the operating system, allowing the use of third party apps.  These apps are downloaded from the jailbreak App store, called Cydia.  The number of apps and tweaks, and they type, that you have running on your device at any one time is what will affect your battery life, not the jailbreak itself.

  1. Jailbreaking will have a severe impact on device usage

BUSTED – This is the same principal as the battery life. It’s what you install after you jailbreak that will have the effect on usage.

The more tweaks you download, the more RAM they will use, with the result that your iPhone or iPad will more than likely start lagging or, in the worst case, crashing. The older the iPhone or iPad, the more likely this is to happen but this is a hardware issue, nothing to do with the jailbreak.

  1. Jailbreaking will damage your device

BUSTED – Not if you do it right it won’t. And, to be air, even if you do it wrong, the chances of you bricking your device are so rare they are almost non-existent.  For those who don’t know, bricking means to render your iPhone or iPad as nothing more useful than an expensive paperweight.

The rules are clear – only download a jailbreak from a trusted source – you know who they are – and always follow their guidelines carefully. If you go wrong, you can restore your iPhone or iPad through iTunes and start again.

  1. Jailbreaking is illegal


Not anymore it isn’t. In 2010, the US Federal court declared that jailbreaking an iPhone was to be considered as legal. This decision came after the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) submitted an exemption request to the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

 However, it is still illegal to jailbreak an iPad or to unlock your iPhone. And, it must be noted, jailbreaking does, in effect, violate the EULA with Apple.

  1. Your Apple Warranty will be void

CONFIRMED – There is no doubt about this one. It goes back to that EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) mentioned above.

However, if your iPhone or iPad goes wrong and it needs to go back under warranty, all you need to do is restore it through iTunes beforehand.  All traces of the jailbreak will be wiped off and the Apple Care staff won’t suspect a thing.

  1. Jailbreaking is a difficult process

BUSTED – Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad is such as simple process, you need absolutely no experience to do it.  It takes around 2-5 minutes at the maximum and, provided you follow the guidelines properly, it is a painless and speedy procedure.

  1. You won’t be able to use the official App store after jailbreaking

BUSTED – Of course you will.  In fact, with a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you get twice the fun as you have access to the jailbreak app store as well.

  1. You won’t be able to update your iOS firmware

CONFIRMED -  That is true – if you do not want to lose your jailbreak you cannot update when a new firmware is released. The one exception to this is if the jailbreak developers can make their utility support the new firmware.

  1. There are no benefits to jailbreaking

BUSTED – Oh, but there are. Apple has placed some quite severe limitations on iOS devices, which stop you from customizing them to your liking. Jailbreaking allows you to give your iPhone or iPad a new look and whole new set of functions that Apple doesn’t allow.

  1. Jailbreaking costs a lot of time and money

BUSTED – While a reputable jailbreak service will cost you some money, as long as you choose the right one, it is money well spent.  The tweaks are mostly free, or up to a couple of dollars at the most. And, as for time, it takes  no more than a couple of minutes to jailbreak.


Top Ten Killer Jailbreak Apps


Now that you have jailbroken your iPad or iPhone, the fun can begin.  We’re talking about all those wonderful apps and tweaks you can download from Cydia, the jailbreak answer to the App store.

With hundreds of thousands of apps, and more being added daily, there isn’t a great deal you won’t be able to do with your iOS device. You can give it a new look, make it work how you want it to, even play retro games on it.

Let’s look at the top 10 killer apps that you simply can’t go without on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. These are in no particular order:

1.  Auxo – $1.99

This is, quite simply, one of the most awesome jailbreak apps of all time. Auxo replaces your current app switcher icons with cards, showing more information. Auxo also makes it easy to remove apps from your app switcher and provides improved system setting toggles.

2.  Activator – Free

This jailbreak tweak lets you set up a number of different gestures on your iPhone or iPad. You can set up swipe gestures, pinch gestures or button presses for just about any action you perform on your iOS device.

3.  biteSMS – Free

While iMessage is a good app, biteSMS is even better.  You can send messages to contacts from within your Notification Center,  reply to messages from the lock screen, add pictures to message threads and even password protect a private conversation thread.

4.  Infinifolders – $1.99

This jailbreak app is well worth the small cost. For those on iOS 6+, Apple allows just 12 apps within each folder. If you are one of those who has loads more than that, this app lets you add as many apps as you like to a folder. You can now categorize and find your apps easier than ever before.

5.  SBSettings – Free

SBSettings is most likely the biggest reason for jailbreaking. It is an extremely powerful app that gives you instant access to your system toggles, allowing you to access and change them from anywhere, even from within another app.

6.  Winterboard – Free

If you are into customizing your iPad or iPhone, this jailbreak app is the one for you. In fact, most theming apps on Cydia require the use of Winterboard anyway. You can use it to change your wallpaper, your icons, the size of your icons, your fonts, the list goes on. If you want a new look iOS device, get Winterboard.

7.  Springtomize 2 – $2.99

This jailbreak app is a very powerful combination of hundreds of different apps. It gives the ability to change just about anything you want about your iPhone, including icons, animations, page limits, and you can fully customize your lock screen as well if you want.  It’s a one-size-fits-all app that is more than worth the price tag.

8.  Zephyr – $2.99

Zephyr is a multitasking app that allows you to add a number of gestures to your iOS device.  You can set up new gestures to open or close apps, switch between open apps, open up the Notification Center and you can even blacklist certain apps.

9.  OpenSSH – Free

OpenSSH is a must-have jailbreak app. It makes use of your Wi-Fi network to connect your computer and iPhone together, giving you easy access to your iPhone system files.  You can edit the files and you can run your iPhone system admin tasks from any computer that you connect it to.

10.  My3G – $3.99 + free trial

This is top jailbreak app for those who are in a poor signal area. The cost is irrelevant as it can save you a ton of cash in the long run. My3G very cleverly makes your iPhone apps believe that they are using Wi-Fi instead of a 3G network. Instead of being limited, you can now use any app that requires Wi-Fi and you don’t have to worry about running up your data costs either.

These 10 apps are a small drop in the large ocean that is the Cydia jailbreak app store.  Your limitations are gone and the possibilities are endless when you jailbreak your iPhone or iPad;  if you can think of doing it, there will be an app for it.




peekly-iphone-jailbreak-tweakBy the end of October there will have been a staggering 700 million iOS devices sold since 2010 and, of those, around 22 million devices are now sporting a jailbreak.  But, despite the number of people doing it, just how safe is it to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad?

Like any hack or cheat, jailbreaking is not without its risks.  The question is are you prepared to take those risks to break down the barriers that Apple has erected? Let’s look at those risks:

  1. Stability Issues

Apple is pretty tough when it comes to determining which apps are acceptable or not, laying down strict guidelines on CPU and memory usage.  Jailbreak app developers don’t have those guidelines and, as such, some of the apps and tweaks available may not be quite as stable as you would like.

There are, however, several pretty nifty performance apps available in Cydia, the jailbreak version of the App store but you will more than likely have to mess around with your settings to get them to work to your benefit.

  1. Your Apple Warranty May be Invalid

This one is a no-brainer really – we all know Apple hates jailbreaking.  If you have a problem and your iPhone or iPad has to go back, if there is even a hint of jailbreaking, Apple will void your warranty and refuse to honor it.

This isn’t too much of a problem though.  All you need to do is restore your iPhone or iPad back to factory settings.  This removes all traces of the jailbreak from the device.

  1. Risk of Bricking your iPhone or iPad

For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it means turning your device into something that is nothing more than a paperweight.  If you use the wrong jailbreak tool or don’t follow the instructions to the letter, you run the risk of rendering your iPhone or iPad completely and irreversibly unusable.  Genuine jailbreak developers provide safe utilities with full download and install instructions; fake ones don’t

  1. May be Unable to Download Official Apps

There is a small chance that Apple will find a way to stop jailbroken iPhones from being able to download official apps.  However, they tried it before and the jailbreak community found a way around it then, so it’s a pretty good bet that they will do it again.

  1. Risk of Malware

Apple is meticulous about the apps that enter their store and they undergo thorough testing before they are accepted.  Jailbreak tweaks don’t get that sort of treatment and there is always the chance of a malware or virus-ridden tweak finding its way into Cydia.  Only download from trusted repositories and you should be safe

So, there you have it – 5 reasons why jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad might not be safe.  However, the risks are not set in stone, they are not something that will definitely happen if you jailbreak so you must make the decision as to whether you go ahead and give your device a new lease of life.

A note for those who have upgraded to iOS 7.  If you are looking to jailbreak your device as soon as the untethered utility is released, you can go ahead and upgrade to iOS 7.0.3. The jailbreak developers have confirmed it does not interfere with their jailbreak exploits and will not hold up development.

Go ahead, upgrade and enjoy the benefits of the most radical firmware Apple has ever released.